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Our school was extremely proud and delighted to be awarded the Eco School Green Flag award, in recognition of our efforts in educating our pupils about the importance of looking after our local and global environment. Throughout the summer term 2022, we carried out a vast array of Eco-based community projects and have adapted our school curriculum to educate our pupils on global climate issues. Even now we have received the award, we shall ensure this crucial work continues in school. Well done to all of our hard-working pupils and staff for being so passionate about the world we live in. 

Broughton Primary School Eco Intent Statement:


Creating worldwide change isn’t done with just one person; it has to involve everyone. In order to involve more people in the efforts to help the environment, it’s important to get younger generations involved in the effort. By fostering a concern for the environment and sustainable habits early, educators and parents can raise children who will be more aware of environmental issues.

By establishing good habits like recycling at a young age, those habits are more likely to stick with children as they get older. Our school curriculum encourages our pupils to show an interest in the outdoors which will allow them to appreciate what they love about the environment. Children are our future, so it’s important to teach them about environmental issues so they can continue to help create change together.


Raising Environmentally Conscious Consumers

Broughton Primary School teaches our pupils about recycled items, buying sustainably sourced food, finding energy-efficient appliances, and using biodegradable cleaning products. Being an environmentally conscious consumer is more than what you purchase; it’s who you purchase from. The evolution of sustainability from government initiatives to social change and corporate leaders making sustainable products has been happening for decades. However, many companies still operate without the environment in mind. Teaching our pupils about researching their purchases and giving their money to companies that value environmental issues will help them to continue that practice as they get older.


Encouraging an Interest in the Outdoors

It’s easier for people to care about an issue if it hits close to home for them. An emotional investment in an issue is hard to break, which is why encouraging an interest in the outdoors can be helpful for your child’s future interest in environmental issues. At Broughton, we lead by example and provide a wide array of outdoor activities for our pupils in all year groups. We take them on walks, hikes, and outings to the local nature reserve or into the beautiful Lake District. We encourage them admire the wildlife and beautiful landscapes. We encourage their interest and questions and foster their appreciation. By providing them with more outdoor experiences, they will begin to associate their environment with interest and happiness. Not only will a love for the outdoors help them to have an emotional connection to environmental issues, it will also help them to be even more sustainable. They may be more interested in walking or biking instead of driving as they get older. They may adopt more outdoor hobbies like gardening. Not only that, but the outdoors encourage us to move more and stay healthier overall.

Children Are the Future

Each generation needs to be better than the last. Children need to learn how to protect their environment, be kind to each other, and make decisions that benefit the world as a whole.  Without action, the environment will suffer — and each generation along with it.

No one needs to be perfect in order to teach children about the environment. Each small, sustainable change makes an impact. It’s one fewer piece of plastic in a landfill, one fewer marine animal in peril, or one fewer pound spent on oil. Teaching children that they can make a difference will help to raise a generation of adults who are more aware and environmentally conscious than the generation before them.

It’s important to teach your child about the environment at an early age because these teachings will become their normal. The environmental habits they learn, the environmentally conscious consumer choices they see, and the time they spend learning to love and appreciate the outdoors will shape them into the future of environmental sustainability.

Eco documents


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