School Vision


Broughton Primary School is an A.B.L.E. School

(Achieving Believing Learning Enjoying)

School Vision

To provide an outstanding education for every child in school.

School's Aims and Values


Acquire the basic tools for learning – numeracy, literacy and spoken language

Develop enquiring, imaginative minds

Achieve their full potential

Become independent, self motivated and self disciplined

Develop creative abilities

Develop interests and skills which will inspire them to make the best use of leisure time

Develop a wide range of physical skills

Life Skills

Learn to be a good citizen

Respect people’s differences

Be able to live and work co-operatively

Develop positive attitudes and beliefs


To maintain strong links with parents and maintain a high reputation for the school

Encourage the use of school for the community at large.

‘The schools work to keep pupils safe and secure is outstanding. Parents are confident that their children are safe. Pupils say everyone supports one another, they feel safe in school because there are caring people to look after them.’

Ofsted 2015



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