School Vision



Broughton Primary School is an A.B.L.E. School

(Achieving Believing Learning Enjoying)

School Vision

To provide an outstanding education for every child in school.


School's Aims and Values



  • Acquire the basic tools for learning – numeracy, literacy and spoken language
  • Develop enquiring, imaginative minds
  • Achieve their full potential
  • Become independent, self-motivated and self-disciplined
  • Develop creative abilities
  • Develop interests and skills which will inspire them to make the best use of leisure time
  • Develop a wide range of physical skills

Life Skills

  • Learn to be a good citizen
  • Respect people’s differences
  • Be able to live and work co-operatively
  • Develop positive attitudes and beliefs


  • To maintain strong links with parents and maintain a high reputation for the school
  • Encourage the use of school for the community at large.



“The school’s motto, ‘ABLE – Achieve, Believe, Learn, Enjoy’, is seen in action throughout the school as children strive to do their very best.”

Ofsted 2019




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