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RE and Worldviews Curriculum at BPS

At Broughton Primary School, we use the Cumbrian Locally Agreed Syllabus (2023) to arrange our 2 year rolling programme throughout the school.

We plan based around a question and follow a disciplinary approach which means lessons or units are based around one of the 3 approaches: theology, philosophy and human sciences. We believe this approach allows children to become well rounded and reflective learners.

Each unit focuses on one approach in particular, although there will be elements of others within the unit where appropriate.


We believe that in order to have a well-rounded curriculum, children need to reflect on what they have learned and link it to their lived experiences in order to reflect on their own personal world view.









What do we study?

For a more comprehensive and in depth view, please take a look at our rolling programme which states which religions we study in each unit. 

In Early Years, children will begin to learn about the idea of religion and what a world view is. They explore different celebrations such as Chinese New Year, Christmas and Diwali and what some people do to celebrate them. They visit our local Church and learn about the people that visit it and why they visit it. 

In KS1 children will continue to learn about Christianity and start to learn about Islam alongside this. The children also learn about non-religious world views and touch on other religions briefly when learning about different concepts in order to compare. 

In KS2, alongside the two Abrahamic religions, they learn about Dharmic religions (Buddhism and Hindu Dharma). They also dive deeper into the idea of world views and look more in depth and those with a non- religious view. 

Children constantly reflect on their learning and how it links to them and their worldview. They challenge themselves and are given the opportunity to express and explain their opinion and their thinking. 


Subject Enrichment

During their time at Broughton Primary School, we make sure children have the opportunity to visit a variety of places of worship. The minimum will be:

EYFS: Local Church 

KS1: Carlisle Cathedral

LKS2: Buddhist Temple

UKS2: Mosque

There may be opportunities to visit more on top of this depending on what is going on in the wider curriculum. 

Due to the great relation ship between the school and the church, we also provide the opportunity to work within our local church in each Key Stage: 

EYFS: Visit for assemblies 

KS1: Visit to explore changes in church at different times of the year

LKS2: Mock Wedding 

UKS2: Interviewing people within the church 

What does an RE lesson look like?

RE is a core subject and teachers are expected to teach a minimum of one hour of RE per week. Although, we appreciate that sometimes lessons require more time or units may be better suited to being 'blocked' and teachers can use their discretion to decide how they spread the hour out. 

RE lessons are BPS are fun, engaging, interactive and centred around the children. Staff use high quality resources for their planning which allows for fantastic discussion and outcomes. 

They way in which children present their work in RE can vary week by week. Some lessons lend themselves really well to written pieces of work whereas others are more art based or discussion based.
Lessons may involve drama - recreating a story, art - analysing different representations of events, computing-  creating surveys and questionnaires, discussion - talking about our opinions and beliefs. 



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